Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I started this blog couple of years ago , when i was still writing for the fashion magazine. But since that side of my life has ended happily ever after , i just thought the right thing to do would be to delete all the post related to that. But that does not mean , i have lost interest in fashion ( Who would.. unless you're never had interest in the first place! I was thinking of changing this entire blog name and all that.. but that would only mean , i have to also change the masthead. I don't plan to do that. Too much work considering i have to study for exams. Since MBA came along , the photoshop side of me has been shelved , for time being. What else has happened to me for the past 2 years.. let's see

1. I have gain 10 pounds.
2. I have started MBA
3. I'm learning Odissi
4. I have showcased my first Odissi performance.. which was part of my bucket list!!
5.I have moved to a new place , sort of .
6. Travelled to Europe ;)
7. Might be moving to a new country soon enough!

Will write more.. later!